Corona = Hunger: Supporting Hlokomela

Posted on Thu May 14, 2020.

Supporting the Hlokomela project was and is important for us. Some of our guests and volunteers have been able to visit Hlokomela and see their great work. A fantastic team of Management, nurses and volunteers stand in the frontline every day, doing an amazing job helping the most vulnerable. Every day. All year long. We bow to you team Hlokomela. Thank you for your passion.

The funding will go on since no-one knows when we are able to get back to a normal life.

Please see our fundraising platform: Masodini Fundraising Platform

In addition to that: for each additional subscriber to our YouTube channel, we put another 5 Rand in the donation pot. Here is our channel: Masodini YouTube Channel

Together we can make a difference. Thanks a million for your support.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Sabine & Masodini Team