• Elephants in Balule
  • lions on our safari in greater kruger national park

Balule Game Reserve

Balule Game Reserve is a private Game Reserve which belongs to the Greater Kruger National Park.

Balule Game Reserve is about 50,000 hectars large. In 2004, the eastern boundary fence was removed and Balule was officially incorporated into the Greater Kruger National Park (established in 1898).

Thus, Balule is now an open system that covers over 2 million hectares where the animals can wander freely up to Mozambique or Zimbabwe.

Balule is home of the "Big Five" (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard) but in total it is about 94 mammal, 280 bird, 72 reptile and 128 tree species, you can find in the reserve. Even the highly endangered African Wild Dogs and cheetahs visit us from time to time.

It is not allowed to go on a self-drive Safari in Balule. However going on Safari with an experienced ranger means to get really close to the animals without getting disturbed by other tourist cars. Differently than in Kruger our ranger is allowed to drive off road to follow the animals right into the bush.

While the animals are free to wander from Balule into Kruger National Park we have to leave Balule to enter the National Park through one of the offical gates.