Activities, Tours and Excursions

Game drives will be the highlight of your visit, not only because of the animals and the bush, you will also enjoy our beautiful landscapes and amazing views.

Imagine an early morning call just before sun-up. Drive in the Bush seeking out animals or just enjoying the fresh cool early morning air blowing in your face. That feels so good, before the temperature starts to rise again.

A late afternoon drive, still hot in summer or starting to get cold in winter, either way the excitement and expectation is felt by all. Later when the sun goes down, stop next to the river or in the Bush for Sundowners and for a few moments and allow the peace and joy to fill your heart. Later in pitch darkness look for Mars, the Southern cross or Orion's belt depending on the time of year. Feel the wonder of it all.

There are a number of Tours and Excursions in and around the Lowveld which we can arrange on your behalf and obtain quotations, or you may wish to self-drive.

For stress relief or just wanting to add to the Bush tranquility we are able to arrange a massage in the privacy of your Chalet. Read more here.