Conservation and Wildlife

Encroachment of Wildlife areas and the increase in poaching of Rhinos, Elephants, Pangolin and Lions for commercial reasons and mistaken medicine beliefs, continues to put pressure on Conservation for worldwide awareness and support.

As a Big 5 Private Game Lodge in the Greater Kruger National Park we are committed to preserving Wildlife. We support Transfrontier Africa, the Black Mambas and the Bush Babies, dedicated organisations focussing on ecological research, anti-poaching and Wildlife Conservation. You will be amazed by the work being done and we will share those actual experiences with you.

Sharing your impressions and experiences with as many friends as possible will contribute to Wildlife Conservation.

You can see our renowned Black Mambas, a group of 24 local Black Women, who patrol our Nature Reserve and provide animal protectiion, removing snares, identifying tracks and preventing poaching attempts.

All this and more in relative safety and comfort for you and your family to acquaint or update yourselves about Conservation and Wildlife in South Africa.