Africa is calling!

Posted on Mon September 28, 2015.

02. - 9. June 2018

Fantastic Wildlife course for people wishing to improve their own personal knowledge of wildlife and and nature in South Africa.

At Masodini Lodge you will enjoy a comfortable stay in our BIG FIVE Reserve, combined with lectures and practical knowlede. Game Drives - Snake Handling - Lions - Hippos - Game Walks, Birding, Star gazing .........only to name a few topics.
Minimum 5 guests - Maximum 8 guests

If you are interested please make an enquiry for price and complete program.The course is held in English and German.

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Wonderful Winter Days In The Bush

Posted by Masodini Staff on Mon July 28, 2014 in Wildlife and Game Drives.

With our very nice guests we enjoy conversations round the campfire.

And we had a herd of about 6 or 7 elephants is strolling around the lodge, following their main business of feeding on trees and branches.
You should hear the noise they make. Can become a bit distracting in the early morning hours ;-)

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